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Summarized Biography of the author

Born in Madrid (Spain), Patricia Siljeström obtained her Ph. D. in Biology at the University of Sevilla, city where she developed her artistic skills.

She has lived in the USA, Germany and Sweden, but it’s presently in Sevilla where she is professionally involved in Natural Resources research.

She started painting on silk few years ago, although she previously had experimented with oil-based paintings, acrylics and watercolours.

Her work has been exposed in local galleries and her scarves are worn all over Spain. She is mainly inspired by Nature (Animal, Plant and Fungi Kingdoms), but also works with Ethnical and Folk patterns.

She uses different techniques to work on silk (gutta, batik, syrup, brine), which can be applied separate or together.


WHAT to paint – Inspirations

What inspired me most were bright colours and strange shapes in nature. That’s why I began painting mushroom, tropical fish, jellyfish and poisonous frogs. I don’t try to paint nature as it is, but as I see it or imagine that it was (in the case of the origin of life).

I was also very much inspired by the Australian aboriginal paintings, because of their meanings, colours and symmetry. The same thing happened with the vintage poster images of local south Spain festivals, or with the minimalist, Sumi-e Japanese paintings.

I always keep changing subjects, trying new challenges. Now, I’m working on waves, planetary nebulas and tattoos, but am opened to new suggestions. That’s why one scarf or painting can never look the same as another, they will always be different. But they do look similar if they deal with the same subject.