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Nature was my first inspiration, specifically the fungi kingdom. The discovery of these strange living organisms was the engine that made me paint the first scarf. The mushrooms have amazing colours and a high diversity of shapes, as can be observed in great photographers as T. Lockwood, F. Lloret, F. Palazón, and many other great Spanish mycologists and friends.

Trying to reproduce the beauty of the mushrooms and the emotion of finding them, I’ve painted what everybody would like to find, an explosion of colours, shapes, edible and poisonous mushrooms.

The sea was another world which I discovered in a trip to the Caribbean waters. Life there was so incredible, that I had to paint it, to carry the same feeling for ever around my neck.

But the sea is not only the colour explosion we see from the beach, there are very strange, almost alien creatures living in deep places. Some of them are bioluminescent, most of them jellyfish, and they are little known. They appear beautiful and elegant in the deep blue scarves.

Independently, there are other species as the poisonous frogs from the jungle, soft turtles, blue tongued skinks or multicoloured chameleons that look great in a scarf and need to be placed on it.

Nature surrounding us contains so many beautiful species that it is the best source of inspiration.